A Century of Service

Albert Edward (A.E.) Howe began serving the needs of the Greater Boulder community as early as 1909 as a partner in Holley and Howe Funeral Directors on Pearl Street, and as the first Boulder County Coroner from 1914-1934 (the first of many Howe’s to be elected to the position for over 74 continuous years). 

Over the generations, A.E. Howe’s sons, Norman, George, Theodore, and Carl, and grandsons operated funeral homes in the area.  This included Norman’s son, Darrell Howe, who completed mortuary school in 1958, and with his father purchased Henning Mortuary in Lafayette, which later became Darrell Howe Mortuary.

In 1986, Darrell Howe Mortuary was purchased and run by a national corporation.  In 2004, funeral directors, Dennis and Kim Bridges returned the funeral home back to a family ownership, and in doing so restoring the funeral home’s legacy of family serving families.

The Bridges family is committed to carrying on Darrell Howe Mortuary’s legacy of service by continuing to serve families compassionately, with attention to detail, affordability, and by offering services that further enhance the meaning and value of your tribute.